Why Is Caroline Van Vlaardingen Leaving CTV News?

Gossips about Caroline Van Vlaardingen leaving CTV News are spreading on the internet.

However, the rumors seem to be baseless as no source has validated Caroline leaving CTV News. Also, Vlaardingen has not stated anything about her leaving CTV News.

Moreover, according to her LinkedIn profile, Van is still working at CTV Montreal as an Anchor and Reporter.

Caroline enjoys working with some of her previous students, including fellow CTV reporter Daniele Hamamdjian, CTV anchor Maya Johnson, and former CTV reporter Julian McKenzie.

She has also taught journalism at Concordia University.

Where Is Caroline Van Vlaardingen?

As of now, the whereabouts of Caroline Van Vlaardingen are unavailable on the media.

Caroline moved directly from Concordia to work as a researcher in the newsroom for CTV (formerly known as CFCF).

She went to school in Châteauguay for elementary and high school, developing an early interest in writing and acting.

Vlaardingen went to Concordia after earning her D.E.C. in Social Sciences at Dawson College. She is an amazing reporter who also serves as an anchor on occasion.

The Benoît Pelland Distinguished Service Award was awarded to Caroline Van Vlaardingen, a veteran of CTV Montreal News.

Caroline Van Vlaardingen Husband and Family

Caroline Van has maintained her private life and treated her personal and professional life as two separate entities.

There are not many details about Vlaardingen’s husband and family on the web.

The reporter was born to her parents in Holland. Late, Caroline and her family immigrated to Canada from Holland in 1967, the year of the Expo.

Caroline has not disclosed her marital status to the public. Hence, it’s a mystery if she has a husband or not.

Moreover, Van is yet to disclose if she has any children or not in the family.