Who Was Impressi? Why is #JusticeForImpressi Trending on the internet?

A young girl was murdered after being raped in the Surajjpur district of Chhattisgarh. The police recently detained the suspect. The crime was discovered on March 24, but only after an investigation was begun and officials were dispatched to the area. The culprit was identified as Sabeerr Ali, alias Baba Khaan, who allegedly asphyxiated the complainant. After that, at her mansion in the Bhatgaon police headquarters, she was summarily executed by hanging from a lamp bulb.

Who Was Impressi?

According to Addl Superintendent Harish Rathore of Surajjpur. When his younger sibling arrived home and called her name, she didn’t respond. The neighbours hurried to help and attempted to open the gate, but they were doubtful because no odor emanated from within. “It was impossible to determine the recipient’s exact age.”

Why JusticeForImpressi Trending?

Everyone is marching to bring justice to the young girl. Women’s protection should be a top priority for any government, regardless of age, caste, or religion.

Not only did the accused rape her, but she was also strangled to death with her scarf.
He dangled the body from an exhaust fan. He used a pencil to write a suicide note on her finger. On the other hand, her family was skeptical of her ability to end her life.

On Sunday, people who came to pay her honour gathered in Surajjpur’s Jarhi neighbourhood to say their goodbyes.

The victim and her family have received condolences from everyone on the internet.
The news is heartbreaking, and this topic is trending on social media.

We at Arealnews would want to extend our heartfelt condolences and best wishes to her family. This sad news humiliates humanity. Many are expressing their support on social media and demanding justice for the victim and her family. The majority of people want the defendant to be executed right away if he is found guilty. We don’t want women to be afraid of being alone in their homes. We want them to be secure and confident in our country. The number of crimes committed against women is continuously increasing. To fight for justice, we should all gather together.

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