Why Is #slowdownforschmitt Trending? Lachlan Schmidt Car Accident Video Explained: Who had to invent the wheel, he never thought that his invention could become the reason for people’s death. Wheel invention has been done for making life easy and suitable, but in 21 century it has become the reason for the tragedy. We believe to have become modern, but this modernism is killing people. Car companies are launching new and new cars every year with new features but someone can mollify a dead person after being died. Follow More Update On Princekallz.com

Why Is #slowdownforschmitt Trending?

We are living in which kind of world, in which we have become totally artificial. In our life, we have no time for originality. Every day numerous people have lost their lives in a road accident. Roads have been become so crowded due to this modernism. This time it is difficult to walk on the road, you no when will you become a victim of a road accident.

An 18 years old teenage boy has lost his life in a crash car accident. He did immediately die on the spot. Lachian Schmidt, an 18-year-old teen boy. He has been tragically passed away in an accident. Every day lost of people lost their lives in a road accident.

Whenever the news has been circulated on social media, it created a bug on social media sides. People become curious to know about the accident details. With his death news social media users, have started a trend on social media with #slowdownforschmitt. The trend is more followed on Twitter.

Lachlan Schmidt Car Accident Video

Social media netizens are sharing Schmidt’s car accident video, together with the hostages, and it is going viral on the internet very speedily. People are giving messages to teenagers for driving safely on the roads. It is a very big shock for the boy’s family, at such a young age they lost their son. Netizens are also praying for him and his family. God give them strength in this difficult time of their life.

According to sources, the teenage boy was a very intelligent student. He was a huge career planner. But nothing could be true now. It is not clear now how would he got an accident, is there another vehicle to crash his car and he accident with his own.

In this 4G era, we need to control our speed, so in the future, we and our loved ones could be saved. For the teenager, driving has a like a crush, which they want to get it anywho, but don’t aware of the consequences of these activities.