Kelly Keegs works for Barstool Sports as a reporter and podcaster, and currently, the internet is buzzing with speculation on whether Kelly Keegs was fired or not.

Kelly recently made headlines when she posted a status in support of Maria Ciuffo in her feud with Hank Lockwood. She shared Tom Felton’s claim that playing Draco Malfoy “Didn’t Make Him Popular With Girls” on May 10, 2022, but I Beg To Distinction.

Some of her fans are proud of her for being who she is. Morganne McGuirk, who was constantly with Kelly Keegs, said someone had to have an appropriate reaction in the given situation.


Why Was Kelly Keegs Fired As Editor ‘Barstool Sports’?

Kelly Keegs’ present work at Barstool Sports has not been fired.

She does, however, have a debate with the panel team, as well as some misunderstandings and arguments among the members of the media outlet. Because of the misunderstanding, there has been much speculation that Keegs will be fired.

 Her social media page still lists her as a member of the team. It’s proof that she’s still in her workplace right now.

Kelly, the co-host of Barstool, consolidated the primary sports programming. Barstool is a sports and society blog with news and stories.

The host has been working on a project called Because We Got High, about happy occasions in people’s lives.

Kelly Keegs Boyfriend: Where Is She Now?

Kelly Keegs’ boyfriend’s identity has not been made public, but she is thought to be dating a member of Barstool Sports.

There are several conversations about that member on the internet, particularly those involving Matty Mush and Kmarko. On the other hand, the websites have no official information on the subject.

None of the related members have spoken publicly about it, and all of the rumors are based on inside information.

Moreover, Kelly has been linked with Vibbs as per the internet. However, neither Kelly nor Kmarko has confirmed their relationship with the public.

Kelly Keegs Breakup With Kmarko Explored

According to reports on the internet, Kelly Keegs had a relationship with Kmarko, also known as Keith Markovich, and the two had broken up.

The couple started dating in 2018 and ended in 2019. The cause for their separation is still to be uncovered. Keith continues to write for Barstool Sports. Only rumors have circulated in the media at this time.

The main topic of the discussion appears to be Keegs’ tight relationship with a team member, and not everyone seems to be pleased with the decision.

Some of them appear to have had recent conversations, but they have managed to keep it private.