Why Was Minnesota Malik Beasley Arrested?

Malik Beasley’s lawyer, Steven Haney, told ESPN that Beasley will participate in a work-release program and may be able to spend his time at home. According to Haney, the felony charge could be lowered to a misdemeanor at the end of his probation.

Prosecutors agreed to waive felony drug charges against Beasley as part of a plea deal.

“We are really delighted with this decision,” Haney said in a statement. “It will allow Malik to continue working on becoming a better person and making better choices.”

Where Is Malik Beasley Now?

Malik Beasley is currently playing basketball for Minnesota Timberwolves. He scored 23 points in a 130–117 triumph over the Memphis Grizzlies in Game 1 of the first round of the playoffs on April 16, 2022.

Malik was detained at his residence in Plymouth, Minnesota, in late September. The Plymouth Police Department said officers were summoned to Beasley’s home on an alleged firearms charge in a statement to ESPN at the time.

Officers were told that a “suspect stepped up to their vehicle, tapped on the vehicle window, brandished a gun at them, and urged them to get off the property,” according to the people who reported.

The suspect was seen raising the gun up to his shoulder and pointing it at the victims’ car as they drove away, according to the police statement.

According to the statement, officers put up a perimeter to identify the suspect and noticed a strong stench of marijuana. Police intercepted a car attempting to depart the site.

Three passengers in the automobile were held before being released. Outside, a man identifying himself as the homeowner was yelling at officers.

Officers secured a search warrant for the property and seized narcotics and multiple guns, one of which was confirmed as stolen, police said.

Malik Beasley Charges Explored

In December 2020, Malik Beasley pleaded guilty to the felony charge of making a threat of violence and was convicted to 120 days in prison, which he will spend after the 2020–21 NBA season ends.

Beasley was freed in August 2021 after serving 78 days of his 120-day sentence.

He was freed from police custody at first but eventually faced charges in Hennepin County as a result of the incident.