Why was Rapper Pj Glizzy aka Paul Johnson Arrested? Charges Explained



Why was Rapper Pj Glizzy aka Paul Johnson Arrested? Charges Explained: Rapper PJ Glizzy has been detained by the police and he has been charged with second-degree murder. Since this news has come to know people are taking over the internet to read about his arrest news while some of his fans are claiming that the news of his arrest is just a hoax because there is no update from the side of the rapper’s family. Here is everything to learn about this topic and a lot more to discuss in this article so keep reading this article and be educated on the trending subject of the city. Downward placed sections of this article consist of every imperative information regarding PJ Glizzy’s arrest. Follow More Update On Princekallz.com

Rapper Pj Glizzy aka Paul Johnson Arrested

There is no doubt the accused rapper is behind the bars for his felony charges. While some true rap fans are not ready to accept this bitter truth but that’s the way cookie crumbles. According to the reports, PJ Glizzy was charged for his criminal act at the  Criminal Court of Manhattan of Bridge Area. Since people have come across the news of his arrest they are being developed with several queries regarding his arrest which is obvious. People want to know for what he has been charged and what did he do in the past that led him behind the bars. To learn the answer to this question kindly look at the further section.

Why was Rapper Pj Glizzy aka Paul Johnson Arrested?

As per the reports shared by our sources, he was accused of killing a teenager whose name was Matthew Sumpter, reportedly, the victim was just 19 years of age when he was shot and killed by a man who drove to him on a dirt bike. This incident happened last year in the month of July when two suspected people raced toward a crowded area on an orange dirt bike. And PJ Glizzy was one of the two men who were on the dirt bike and the other one was identified as Johnson who was a companion of the rapper in this conspiracy.

PJ Glizzy’s companion Johnson apprehend on 12th March 2022 and from that point in time pages of this incident started unfolding and that led to the arrest of rapper PJ Glizzy. Police got to learn about the drive of dirt bikes through a surveillance video. Paul Johnson is the real name of rapper PJ Glizzy according to an inmate report. Keep visiting our web page for further developments on this headline.