Yes, Ben Wagner Is Leaving Channel 12 To Pursue Other Interests, Here Is Where He Is Going Actually



Ben Wagner announced that he is leaving Channel 12 after six years. What happened to the reporter?

Wagner is an American anchor and reporter who hosted weekend evening newscasts and reported during the week on WISN 12 News. He is an experienced Broadcast news journalist and an Emmy Award winner.

Ben recently left Channel 12, where he reported stories that made a difference. He believes in giving a voice to the voiceless and adding leadership to the community. He had previously worked for KOMU-TV and 40/29 News.

Why Is Ben Wagner Leaving Channel 12?

Ben Wagner announced on Facebook that he is leaving Channel 12 after six years. He thanked Milwaukee as he has had joy sharing the stories of the city. Milwaukee has become a home to him, and it was an honor to have worked there. 

Wagner revealed that several people have made his time special at WISN 12 News. He called his colleagues some of the most honest, smartest, and most hard-working people. Ben also thanked his friends, who have become his family. 

One of his closest friends, Sarah, has been there for him through some of the toughest moments for the past two years. He lastly thanked his viewers, who trusted him to tell the stories in triumph and tragedy.

Wagner joined WISN 12 News in January 2016 and worked there for around six years and three months, before leaving the company in March 2022. 

Where Is Ben Wagner Going?

Ben Wagner added on his Facebook post that he does not know where is he going next. He is looking forward to traveling and throwing some paint on a canvas. He is also waiting to spend some more time with his family and close friends.

Wagner also states a partial quote from one of his more memorable moments, that he is not going to lie, but he is borderline excited for what the future holds. While working for Channel 12, he developed a continuous learning environment.

WISN Host Ben Wagner Retirement News Revealed

Ben Wagner is yet to announce his retirement news. He is leaving WISN 12 News after over six years of reporting for the company. 

Wagner’s expertise is his award-winning ability to disseminate information across several channels and mediums. He thrives in fast-paced and rapidly evolving environments. As per his profile on WISN, he has worked in Columbia, Missouri, and Brussels, Belgium.