Young Thug & Gunna Arrested: Why were Rappers Arrested? 5 Facts You Need to Know: This is to inform you that the infamous rapper named Young Thug has been detained and charged with some serious allegations against him. Yes, you heard it right, the rapper is in police custody at this point in time. Moreover, it also has come to know that he is not the only one who was detained by the police as rapper Gunna is also giving him company in the police cells. But what are the charges against them and why and when the two rappers were arrested? There are several questions that are developing in the minds of the people. People who are their fans and followers have been stunned after learning this news and are eager to learn this news in detail. However, we have covered all the key aspects of this news. Let’s discuss what happened to them and why they are facing allegations. Follow More Update On

Young Thug and Gunna Arrested

According to a local news agency, Young Thug and Gunna, both have been detained in Fulton County, Georgia on RICO charges today. But why he is behind the bars? According to the reports gathered by our source we have got to know that he was involved in a murder case. While his companion Gunna is facing the same charges as him. Since this news surfaced on the internet it has turmoiled the situation. Look at the further section to learn why the police took him to jail.

Why were Young Thug and Gunna Arrested?

As per the reports, back in 2015, there was a shooting incident in which three people became victims of it. Furthermore, one of three victims was killed on the spot. If you are wondering if the rapper shot the victims to death then you could be wrong as the rapper is accused of renting a car that was used in the killing of the victim. Keep reading the sections to learn and explore more about this matter.

Young Thug and Gunna Arrested rival gang conflict

According to the police reports, the rapper was involved in a rival gang conflict. Currently, he is being interrogated by the police for lending his car to the conspiracy. Police also claimed that he hatched the killing of the victims. Two out of three victims were shot in their legs while one man was shot to death. This exclusive report was shared by WSBTV reporter Michael Seiden on Twitter on Monday 9th May 2022. Keep visiting our web page for further developments.

The news became trending on the internet where Young Thug and Gunna have done the nasty things which both were involved in the gang activity, do drug dealings, murder, robbery, and consuming all kinds of alcohol. Young was a rapper in the US. He has featured in the Billboard twice and done every type of thing which a gang does. No one gonna expect him that a famous and influential person who was successful will indulged in the wrong kind of activities. His career was going smoothly.

Young Thug & Gunna Arrested: 5 Facts You Need to Know

His social media life was also good. Many of his fans will follow him and clicks dozens of photos with him. Everything was going great in his life. No one expect him that indulged in gang activities. When his arresting news came out on the internet, his fans were shocked and they are stunned if he was the one that follows him or if we meeting a different personality. Twenty-seven other associates of his record label Young Stoner Life YSL also known as Young Slime Life are named in the indictment, with the YSL characterized as a street gang.

1. Young Thug Was Named in the Indictment as One of the Founders of YSL

Young Thug’s lawyer says that he was not involved in any kind of crime nor did he was indulged in the criminal activities. Those who were putting allegations on him were totally wrong. He also says, Think before speaking. Social media is now filled with so much fake news and anyone will spread any kind of news, especially in the online world.

2. Young Thug and Gunna Were Arrested in 2017 on Drug Charges in Atlanta

But no one gonna believes this so-called statement. As all the evidence and proofs are against him. And whatever he has done in the past, cops have a full record. Young Thug real name Jeffery Williams has been detained at an Atlanta jail and will appear in court on Tuesday.

3. Young Thug & Gunna’s Charges Stem From Alleged Crimes

Cops have been charged with participation in criminal street gang activity. When cops were investigating this case, they found out many things like killing a man at the shopping mall and renting a car that was used during the murder of a man in 2015, murdering someone. And so on. As of now, the police are very strict and they can’t leave him if the lawyer brings the bail statement.  He conducts various crimes and the main thing was he was indulged in the gang activities.

4. Young Thug & Gunna Is Accused of Renting a Car That Was Used in a Murder

5. Donovan Thomas Jr. 26-Year-Old Man Killed in a Drive-By Shooting