Who Are Technoblade Parents & Siblings?

Tachnoblade’s parents shared the video via youtube on July 1, 2022. He has shared the title so long nerds in the Technoblade channel. Before his death, Technoblade wrote a letter and asked his father to read it to all of his fans.

He has shared the video saying if his followers are watching the video, the YouTuber is dead. So he wants to have a final chat after his last breath. Technoblade has shared his real name via message. His actual name is Alex.

One of his siblings called him Dave one time. The video got deleted in 2016 when his brother was present with him. In that time, he has done the most successful pranks with his sibling. In the video, thousands of creepy boys tried to hinder in a personal matter.

Further, Alex was sorry for the past year and thanked every member who brought hoodies, plushies, and channel membership. His siblings were to go to college if they wanted to.

However, the YouTuber didn’t want to keep pressure on his brothers as a death wish. Moreover, the YouTuber thanked them for supporting his content over the years. If he had another hundred life, ‘Alex chose to be a techno blade again, and every single time.’

Additionally, it was the happiest year of Alex’s life. He hoped everybody liked his content and showered love in his videos. He wished everybody to enjoy their life. He wants everyone to have prosperous and happy lives because he loves all of his followers.

Youtuber’s Technoblade Mom Dad, Brother & Sister

Technoblade dad has shared the final video of him. His mom, dad, brother, and sister are going through devasting phase after he passed away of cancer. Alex has talked about his final time with his father and shooting the video for his fans.

Alex has done the last video, which he called sometimes face reveal. First, they want to shoot it in the living room. However, they have waited a long and shot in his bedroom. He is having a hard time focusing on all things.

Technoblade Age On Instagram

Technoblade died at age 23. He was born on June 1, 1999. Recently, he got diagnosed with cancer and died. He has left his family and relatives in a heartbreaking situation. Also, his father has shared the last word of Alex sitting in a chair holding a dog.

Moreover, Technoblade was active on Instagram under the username @technobladeyt. He has not posted much on his social page. Perhaps, he used to shared content on his youtube channel. The talented young boy has left the world.